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Learn Video Editing –

Adobe Premiere Pro
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by John C. Koch

Learn the fundamentals of Adobe’s professional video-editing software, Premiere Pro CC, and get on your way to mastering the art of video editing. You’ll become familiar with importing video, audio, and graphics in a wide variety of formats; editing, manipulating, and arranging elements in a visual timeline; and adding basic effects, filters, and titles.


The class also covers editing theory and teaches you not only how to push the right buttons, but how to make good editing choices and use the powerful tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to communicate your ideas most effectively.




Every student gets personal attention in our small classes of 1-4 students. Through our own specialized digital tutorials every student is empowered to work at their own pace, so whether you are a methodical learner or a quick study, we adapt to you. Students can work on tutorials independently or during class time, which is mix of lecture, one-on-one training and work time.


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