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Nuri Bilge Ceylan was born in Istanbul, 1959. After graduating from Engineering Department of Bosphorus University, he studied filmmaking for two years at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul. Ceylan’s short film Koza (Cocoon) was screened in the Cannes Film Festival in 1995. He received many awards with his debut feature Kasaba (Small Town) and his second feature Mayis Sikintisi (Clouds of May). His third feature Uzak (Distant) received the Grand Prix and award for Best Actor at Cannes 2003, and was praised internationally. His 2006 film Iklimler (Climates) won the FIPRESCI Award at Cannes in 2006 and received international prizes. He won the Award for the Best Director in the 2008 Festival de Cannes for his film, Uç Maymun (Three Monkeys) and was the winner of the Palme d'Or, the highest prize at the Cannes Film Festival, for Winter Sleep in 2014. He is married to filmmaker, photographer, and actress Ebru Ceylan, with whom he co-starred in Climates.


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Selected Films

The Wild Pear Tree  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (2018, 196 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles


Sinan, an aspiring writer, returns to his native village and pours his heart and soul into scraping together the money he needs to get himself published. But in the backdrop his father’s debts catch up with him, putting a stop to his personal aspirations.


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 The Wild Pear Tree
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Winter Sleep  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (2014, 196 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles


Aydin, a former actor, runs a small hotel in central Anatolia with his young wife Nihal with whom he has a stormy relationship and his sister Necla who is suffering from her recent divorce. In winter as the snow begins to fall, the hotel turns into a shelter but also an inescapable place that fuels their animosities.


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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (2011, 157 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles


Winner of the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. In the dead of night, a group of men among them, a police commissioner, a prosecutor, a doctor and a murder suspect drive through the Anatolian countryside, the serpentine roads and rolling hills lit only by the headlights of their cars. They are searching for a corpse, the victim of a brutal murder. The suspect, who claims he was drunk, can't remember where he buried the body. As night wears on, details about the murder emerge and the investigators own hidden secrets come to light. In the Anatolian steppes, nothing is what it seems; and when the body is found, the real questions begin.


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Three Monkeys (Üç Maymun)  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (2008, 109 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles.


A family dislocated when small failings blow up into extravagant lies battles against the odds to stay together by covering up the truth... In order to avoid hardship and responsibilities that would otherwise be impossible to endure, the family chooses to ignore the truth, not to see, hear or talk about it. But does playing “Three Monkeys” invalidate the truth of its existence?

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Climates (İklimler)  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (2006, 97 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles.


Man was made to be happy for simple reasons and unhappy for even simpler ones – just as he is born for simple reasons and dies for even simpler ones... Isa and Bahar are two lonely figures dragged through the ever-changing climate of their inner selves in pursuit of a happiness that no longer belongs to them.


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Distant (Uzak)  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (2002, 110 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles


A photographer who is haunted by the feeling that the gap between his life and his ideals is growing finds himself obliged to put up in his apartment a young relative who has left behind his village looking for a job aboard a ship in Istanbul to go abroad.

Grand Prix and Best Actor Awards at the 56th Cannes Film Festival in 2003.


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Clouds of May  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (2000, 117 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles


"Clouds of May" tells the story of Muzaffer, who returns to his native town to make a movie. His father, Emin, is bent on saving the small forest he cultivates on his property from confiscation by the authorities. His nephew, nine year-old Ali, who wants a musical watch. He has to carry an egg in his pocket for 40 days without cracking it, according to terms of an agreement made with his aunt, who has promised in return to convince Ali's father to purchase this much wanted item for his son. And Muzaffer's cousin, Saffet, who is a young town dweller whose affords are all doomed to failure by bad luck (or is it by his own rebelliousness) and who dreams of going to Istanbul.


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 Clouds of May
(1999) on IMDb

Cocoon (Koza)  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (1995, 21 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles.


Due to some painful experiences of their past, an old couple at their seventies live separately. One day they come together again. But the meeting which they hope will heal the lingering pain doesn't give the expected results.

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Cocoon (1995) on IMDb

The Small Town (Kasaba)  dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (1998, 83 min., Turkey) In Turkish with English subtitles


Told from the perspective of two children, and in four parts which run parallel to seasons, KASABA describes relationships between members of a Turkish family in a small town. The first part is in a primary school where the family's 11-year-old daughter is a pupil. It shows the social environment to which she has to adopt, and its difficulties. She faces with her feeling of shame and some merciless clues of life... The second part is in spring. We see the girl with her brother, who is four years younger, and their journey to the corn field where their family are waiting for them. As they pass through the countryside, they encounter the mysteries of nature and wildlife... In the third part the brother and sister witness the complexities and darkness of the adult world... The fourth part takes place at home. This is a tranquil sequence moving between reality and dream.


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 The Small Town
(1997) on IMDb

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