Spring 2018

Cinema as Empathy Machine


by John C. Koch

Welcome to the inaugural collection of Cinema Revolution Society's new website. We have gone around the world country by country looking for films that have a humanist message combined with an auteur sensibility and artistic style, with the hope that cinema can help bridge boundaries between people. By thinking geographically we help ensure the fullest possible representation of what the world's different populations have to offer cinematically within these parameters.


Each month there will be a new collection from a different region or country, though the films from countries with more cinematic output will take place over multiple months. You can expect a collection of roughly 100 films added every month, as well as new supplementary content to explore. Each new collection will be permanent, so every month the overall selection of films will grow, though links and availability of certain titles may change over time.


This project has been in the works for almost four years and we are excited to start rolling out our collections of films. We hope you enjoy the collections as they continue to unfold over the coming months!


More Films

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