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Majid Majidi was born in Teheran in 1959 from an Iranian middle class family. After the Islamic revolution in 1978, his interest in cinema brought him to act in various films, notably "Boycott" (1985) from Mohsen Makhmalbaf. His debut as a director and screenwriter is marked by "Baduk" (1992), his first feature film that was presented at the Directors Fortnight in Cannes. "Children of Heaven" (1997) won the "Best Picture" at Montreal International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Foreign Film Academy Award. "The Color of Paradise" (1999) has also won the "Best Picture" award at Montreal International Film Festival. "Baran" has won several major awards worldwide, notably the "Best Picture" award at the 25th Montreal World Film Festival and nominated for the European Film Academy Award.


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Selected Films

Baran  dir. by Majid Majidi (2001, 94 min., Iran) In Persian with English subtitles


While building a site in Tehran, Turkish worker Lateef is drawn to young Afghan worker Rahmat, who is dangerously in disguise. Winner for Best Film at the Montreal Film Festival, this wonderfully romantic and uplifting story is from the acclaimed director of the Academy Award nominee Children of Heaven - Best Foreign Language Film, 1999.


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(2001) on IMDb

The Color of Paradise  dir. by Majid Majidi (1999, 90 min., Iran) In Persian with English subtitles


Mohammad is an energetic 8-year-old boy who is much like the other children in his small, Iranian village except in one regard, he is blind. But Mohammad doesn't let his lack of sight hinder him, indeed, his heightened remaining senses make him even more receptive to the world around him. Young Mohammad's optimism, however, is not shared by his widowed father, a bitter man who sees the boy's condition as nothing but a liability, especially as it pertains to his desire to marry the village beauty.


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The Color of Paradise (1999) on IMDb

Children of Heaven  dir. by Majid Majidi  (1997, 89 min., Iran) In Persian with English subtitles


When Ali loses his sister Zahra's school shoes, this young pair dream up a plan to stay out of trouble: they'll share his shoes and keep it a secret from their parents! But if they're going to successfully cover their tracks, Ali and Zahra must carefully watch their step on what rapidly turns into a funny, heartwarming adventure! A magical motion picture acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.


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 Children of Heaven
(1997) on IMDb

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